"Creating is easy,
Building is easier,
Thinking is the easiest,
But the sum of it combined is where the challenge start..."

It started with me and my friend Kevin. We both had a pronounced taste for sober clothing nuanced in black and white, unfortunately we found nothing to accommodate our tastes, so we decided to create our own brand half in a whim half by curiosity to meet our own expectations.

 We worked on various projects, including a French common investment fund in the cryptocurrency sector, which unfortunately did not survive the explosion of the bubble in early 2018, as well as a digital magazine, currently in development, for analysis of young innovative companies.

With time, we found ourselves being more and more invested in what we were working and defining what we worked for. Through minimalism and creativity, we decided to share the fruit of our works to the world in 2018.

Thus Mensterz was born.


"Let’s express who are you in power and simplicity" that was our first idea. Simplicity blended with originality, passion with creativity, power with meaning to create something better and higher.


“What's the point in seeing when you can't properly grasp it?"
-Soilihi Dhoulkifli

"Staying low isn't a sign of weakness, but a proof  of wiseness."

-Kevin De Azevedo  

We thought extensively about what a clothing brand could bring to its followers, and our answer is to bring originality blended with simplicity, spiced with passion for a an unique result. We take time to elaborate each of our design, from a month to half a year, to propose what we consider to be of great quality.

Mensterz's Motto


Original Designs

Each design we produce are made by us and our designers, to conform to our ideas and ideology.


100% For men

Made by men for men, we created a street-wear type of clothing that blends normality and luxury quality.


A Collection that Keeps Growing 

We produce monthly new designs inspired from from our life to showcase a new kind of visions each time.

Want to contact us?

We value your opinion more than anything, as we believe that it's through criticisms that we can develop as a brand. Or if you have any questions or business inquiries, please contact us at the prepared address for that.

For any questions : contact@mensterz.com
For business inquiries : business@mensterz.com